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What Makes Us Different?

Ease of access, automated recyclable counting,
faster in-and-out times,
tracked contributions and earnings,
and countless other benefits!

We'll come to you!

Benefit from our personal and same-day pick-up service in the vicinity of Bowridge Bottle Depot and neighboring regions within Calgary. All achievable through our partners, BottleDrop Alberta, their app is now available on the app store!

Machine Automated Bottle Counting

Our locally based Calgary depot has bottle counting technology designed and manufactured all the way from Norway! What does this mean for you? Less wait times, less line-ups, and less worry around the accuracy of counting of your returns. Our machines have little to no room for error.

No more line-ups.

That's right! Our staff's efficiency combined with our machines running around the clock work extremely hard to keep wait times to an absolute minimum. We want to provide you with a pleasant experience, and timeliness has a big role to play. We have one of the fastest in-and-out times in the city!

Our partner, BottleDrop App can save you BIG TIME!

Get paid directly

You can avoid carrying petty-cash if that's your thing, our tech allows for the opportunity to take payment via ETF.

Saves you time for a small fee!

BottleDrop is a lifesaver for those of us who are tight on time. With fees of 15% of your returns for a minimum of $50 worth of bottles. If less than $50, a 30% fee is applied.

We can come to you

Through the BottleDrop App, you can request a pick-up to provide an added level of convenience to your errands! Download it on the app store or find more information at

Want to know more?

Bowridge Bottle Depot is Calgary and Alberta’s first automated bottle depot. Over the years we have committed time, energy and resources in improving the current recycling methods. Recycling to us is more than just being able to reduce the waste around us, it is a lifestyle choice. We believe that humankind plays an important role in protecting and nourishing our environment, and we here at Bowridge Bottle Depot are committed to helping you do your part. We have invested in technology all the way from Norway, a sensor-based sorting solution ready for you. Come visit us today and see just how fun recycling can be!

Our Process

Step 1. Packing / Get ready to schedule.

Get your bottles ready for us. They don't have to be crushed, but we don't mind if they are.


Step 2. Make Your Way to Our Depot!

Located at 60 Bowridge Drive NW, across the road from the Calgary Olympic Park.


Step 3. You've Arrived!

Upon arrival, bring your bags to any available counter. Our staff will assist you in unloading your recyclables onto the conveyor belt. From there, automated machines will count your bottles and cans in an accurate fashion.


Step 4. Completion of Bottle Count.

Within a brief period of time, you will receive a token with your specific refund amount, which you will take to our in-house ATM's, where you will tap your provided card and receive your refund.


Step 5. Tap & Go. (All done!)

Once you've received your refund from the provided card, proceed to return the card to the provided box nearby as it is NOT a membership card (but is often mistaken for one). And just like that, you're all done! A quick and easy experience.


Yes, recycling can be THAT easy.

Save your time.

We work around your clock. Download the partner BottleDrop App and we'll ensure your recyclables and returns are taken care of at your convenience.

Located across from the C.O.P.

Yup, that's right! We're just down the hill from the Calgary Olympic Park, super easy to find, and very quick to count your bottles so you can go about your day.

Pick-up services.

Ever hear of a Bottle Depot that picks their customers bottles up? We hadn't either. We've decided to partner up with BottleDrop Alberta to introduce their service to our community as our automated bottle counting machinery allowed us the luxury of focusing on customer service first.

We hope to see you soon!