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Calgary's first automated
SMART Bottle Depot

Types of Bottles & Containers We Accept

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Get paid directly

As quick and easy as a bottle depot experience can get, Bowridge Bottle Depot delivers a seamless and automated experience through use of machinery and technology. We've increased efficacy of recyclable counting through auto-count machines which display your returns through BottleDrop(TM).

We operate on the basis of several guiding principles:

1. Strive to provide enhanced Customer experience
2. Provide refunds for all the registered containers under legislation
3. Strive for continuous improvement in our operations.
4. Provide a culture of honesty, integrity and accountability

About Us

Bowridge Bottle Depot owners have been apart of the recycling world since 1989. We have invested time and energy to understand just how impactful and important recycling is. Over the years, we have witnessed shortcomings within the existing model of operations. Sure, bottle depots currently do their part in reducing waste, however Bowridge Bottle depot knew there was room for improvement. How can we make this process even more efficient? How can we make it easier for people to recycle their bottles? And the answer became clear, incorporate SMART technology. A more accurate and transparent way to recycle and earn your money back. It is important to our customers to dispose of their waste in an eco-friendly way, and we are here to help them accomplish their goals. Bowridge Bottle depot believes in delivering a quick, easy and clean solution!

BottleDrop™ App

Our unique BottleDrop(TM) App is 100% safe and secure. We can make your life easier in more ways than one! Can't make it to our facility? No worries. We'll provide you with a list of locations we can pick-up from too! Worried about how you'll receive your payment? Don't be. Let our machines do the counting, and our app deposit your cash!

Fair and Accurate

Our machines are able to count your recyclables with a 100% accuracy rate, there is no longer any human-error related miscounts when it comes to your refund.

Why should you download BottleDrop™?

Free Pick-up Services

We'll provide you with a list of nearby locations for your added convenience and ease-of-use.

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View your transactions

Check how many times we've paid you for your recyclables! Keep track of incoming earnings.

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Withdraw your funds

Receive a direct deposit straight to your bank account! Why carry change?

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Donate seamlessly

Use BottleDrop to donate your returns to a charity instead!

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Track your contributions

See how many bottles you've returned monthly, quarterly, or annually!

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It's free of charge!

Making your life easier one step at a time, BottleDrop is practical for your every day life.

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Hundreds of happy customer testimonials

I finally enjoy going to the bottle depot!

"The Bowridge Bottle Depot has made recycling something I used to always dread, into something I never thought I could enjoy. Kudos to you guys and your new facility!

Carla Suarez
As though I have another added income?

This bottle depot has really taken the idea of automation to the next level! Thank you guys so much for investing in the community's best interest.

Richard Hastings
Thank you for the cookies :)

I normally wouldn't dare enjoy food of any kind inside of a bottle depot, but this one is so hands-off I thought I'd indulge in a few of their complimentary snacks they were offering.

Rachelle Jones
Bitcoin ATM inside! Unexpected.

Ok... really wasn't expecting to see two bitcoin ATM's in a bottle depot, but Bowridge has the future forward thing on lock!!! This place is awesome.

Brett Kosta
The BottleDrop app is a lifesaver!!!

I love having a track-record of all my earnings and recycled returns! It's super helpful for gaining insight on what our family output is too. Thank you for bringing this to our community, and the staff are really friendly too!

Priya Prakash
Automated bottle depots are DOPE.

I never thought I'd say this, but I actually enjoy going to the bottle depot now. The idea behind this place was long overdue, and I'm just glad some body finally did it! This is my go-to bottle depot from here on out.

Bryan Tran

Businesses & Charities We Work With

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Find us down the hill from the Calgary Olympic Park.